InSaNe started out on BF1 as a Domination/Incursion team, a small group dedicated to the T5 DOM game mode when there was a scene for it.
As each iteration of Battlefield has released, InSaNe has grown in size until BFV when it really exploded! We support not only BFV but various games.
We have competed in various leagues with varied gamemodes and rule sets, we will always adapt!
InSaNe Ethos
- PTFO at all times!
- Play to win.
- Squad up !
- We win together, we lose together.
- Strive to attend all call's for Clan Support on the open servers.
- Play together regularly.
- Strive to give fellow InSaNe members the benefit of the doubt.
- Clan history and pride are very important to us all.
- InSaNe Never rage quit ! (Except mugi)
- InSaNe members are expected to be able to stand on there own two feet and contribute to the mission at hand.
InSaNe Etiquette

- When you're representing on the battlefield with InSaNe , wear your [IsN] Clan tags.
- Respect all InSaNe members at all times.
- Avoid discussion of politics and religion, it's Gaming and InSaNe that unites us all, end of.
- We are an all inclusive clan and all InSaNe members sign up to the recognised internet standards and norms of online behaviour.
- There are InSaNe moderators and admins , so be aware.
- Respect the InSaNe Clan's chain of Command.
- As a rule InSaNe do not "kick or ban" unless absolutely necessary.
- InSaNe always strives to fight on the same side and dislike killing fellow members intensely (unless otherwise ordered).(modifié)
InSaNe Competition
- InSaNe Competition Registers are on the InSaNe server.
- When a InSaNe Competition Register is posted on discord, please register only using a "me" and please, no reasons why you can't play or what the weather is going to be like , no chit chat at all - There will be a Scrim #channel for discussion allocated to each Competition Match.
- Final teams will be picked from the appropriate register. You may not always get picked.
- If you turn up late to a scrim you may have been replaced, suck it up.
- The team primarily plays T5/T8 DOM ! The bar for joining InSaNe is very high in both time dedication and skill level. The numbers are also limited, so you could be asked to join but also don't get upset if you are asked to leave. Judgments will be harsh and real.
 All still have a home at InSaNe and are always member's of InSaNe first and foremost.

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